Gippsland Elite Sportsfield Turf Seed

Introducing our Gippsland Elite Sportsfield Turf Seed, the ultimate choice for achieving impeccable turf quality.

  • 100% Turf ryegrass


Gippsland Elite Sportsfield Turf Seed has rapid germination, establishment, excellent colour, high density and is ideal for winter sports fields and areas subject to high foot traffic. Proven performance across many sports fields across Gippsland, this turf ryegrass has excelled on local footy ovals, soccer fields and high traffic years year after year.

For those who appreciate the visual impact of a dark green lawn, our Elite Sportsfield Seed Blend delivers exactly that. Dark grasses not only look stunning but also create a striking effect when meticulously striped. The blend boasts exceptional density and uniformity, with density being a key factor in wear tolerance – ensuring your turf can withstand the demands of high traffic areas.

Fine leaf texture adds to the visual appeal while minimizing leaf damage, providing a pristine and well-maintained appearance. The compact growth habit of the grasses in this blend is a testament to their longevity – slower growth means less wear and tear, ensuring your turf stays vibrant and resilient

  • 100% Turf Ryegrass

Seed Mix Gippsland Elite Sportsfield Turf Seed
Species Turf ryegrass
Sowing Rates (per m2) 30 – 50 g/m2
Sowing Rate (kg/100m2) 3 – 5 kg/100 m2
Mowing height Down to 15mm
Unit sizes 5kg, 20kg, 1000kg
Optimal pH 5.5-7.5