Temora Winter Active Fescue

Temora forage tall fescue is a Mediterranean fescue that is extremely drought tolerant and persistent. It is highly productive in winter and spring.


Temora Mediterranean tall fescue is a summer dormant (winter active), deep rooted perennial that offers improved persistence for Australian producers. Temora Fescue has been bred for greater tiller density, leading to increased yield at critical times such as autumn and winter. Ideally suited for low to medium rainfall areas with heavier soil types, Temora is a great option for filling the feed gap soon after the opening rains.

Highly persistent, winter active tall fescue

  • Summer dormant
  • Increased tiller density
  • Excellent seasonal dry matter production
  • Extremely palatable when rotationally grazed
  • Highly persistent

Pasture breeding of Temora

The breeding of Temora has been achieved through the crossing of elite Flecha and Resolute plants without the inclusion of endophyte. It was important to capture the key attributes of Flecha and Resolute because they both have traits that gave them a key advantage in the Australian market.

Variety Temora Winter Active Fescue
Sowing rate 15-30
Dormancy Winter Active, Summer Dormant
Rainfall Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated
Pasture life 5+ years