Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass

Matrix Perennial Ryegrass is a thoroughly proven, persistent, high performing and uniquely different late heading perennial ryegrass.

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Matrix Perennial Ryegrass is an outstanding long term persistent ryegrass that is well suited to high performing dairy and beef operations. Matrix is a reliable thoroughly proven perennial ryegrass with it’s late maturity (+23 days compared to Nui) high digestibility, year round yields, strong winter and early spring activity.

Matrix is the grass of choice for persistent ryegrass pastures, as it tolerates a range of management practices, has the ability to respond well to summer rainfall events, resulting in greater leafy summer production, and has shown robust persistent genetics.

The late heading date (+23 days) is ideal for high performing farms as the Matrix Perennial Ryegrass maintains leafy feed through to late spring and early summer, making pasture management easier. The well priced seed and the high annual forage production of Matrix Perennial Ryegrass combined with consistent seasonal growth curves assists farmers in delivering reduced overall feed costs.

Matrix is well suited to sowing in combination with tetraploid perennial ryegrass, such as in Vatbuster, as the Matrix’s tiller density handles heavy grazing well and helps avoid over grazing.

Matrix Enhanced ® Ryegrass has the following benefits:

  • Strong persistence, with a fine, dense growth habit
  • Very high DM production (consistently superior performance in NFVT trials)
  • Very strong late winter, early spring growth activity
  • Very high metabolisable energy and digestibility. Very high palatability and stock preference
  • Very late heading (+ 23 days)  to maintain pasture quality longer into spring
  • Low aftermath heading – returns to vegetative state quickly
  • Very disease resistant – especially leaf rust’
  • Combines well with tetraploid perennial ryegrasses in Vatbuster.


Variety Matrix Perennial Ryegrass
Endophyte Standard Endophyte
Sowing rate 25-35 kg/ha
Heading Date Very Late +23 days to Nui=0
Ploidy Diploid
Pasture life 5+ years