Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass/long rotation ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is an ideal choice for long term pastures – delivering all year round pasture for all grazing systems with rapid establishment, high yields and high nutrient value.

Perennial ryegrass, the mainstay of pasture-based dairy farming in southern Australia, is relatively easy and quick to establish and tolerates a range of management practices – which gives it flexibility in most pasture systems.

As a foundation to permanent pasture mixes, perennial ryegrass combines well with a range of legumes, including clover. It is recommended that clovers are added when sowing a new pasture of perennial ryegrass as this will aid in available nitrogen which will feed the ryegrass throughout the growing season. Clovers also offer higher levels or protein and energy than most perennial ryegrasses and when in a mix, increase the quality of feed being offered to animals.

Key benefits

  • Ideal for grazing – thrives under good management
  • Perennial – grows all year around if sufficient soil moisture
  • High nutritional value
  • Minimal disease threat
  • Minimal pest threat
  • Can be conserved for silage

Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass - Notman Pasture SeedsMatrix Enhanced Ryegrass

Matrix is a thoroughly proven, high performing and uniquely different Enhanced ® perennial ryegrass variety of meadow fescue and perennial ryegrass parentage, having high ME and digestibility and with very high year-round yields, strong winter / early spring activity, and very late heading (+23 days) for improved quality in late spring.

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Base Ar37 - Notman Pasture SeedsBase AR37 Tetraploid Perennial

Australian bred under tough conditions, Base AR37 is a new late maturing, high yielding, densely tillered ryegrass resistant to a number of Australia’s major pasture pests. Base AR37 has high seasonal production in autumn and winter and responds well to summer rainfall.

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Ultra Enhanced Ryegrass

The latest release from the Cropmark breeding programme; Ultra Enhanced ® perennial ryegrass is a fine leaved, very densely tillered, late heading diploid Enhanced ® ryegrass which combines the best traits of its parents – the high levels of pasture production available from perennial ryegrass, coupled with the feed quality attributes of meadow fescue.

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Barrier Forage Grass - Notman Pasture SeedsBarrier Perennial Forage Grass

Barrier is a specialist insect tolerant permanent pasture variety for use where insect pests are a serious threat to the productivity and persistence of your pastures. Barrier is a perennial festulolium grass variety (ie an inter-species cross) of roughly 50% meadow fescue and 50% perennial ryegrass parentage.

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