Ultra Enhanced Ryegrass

Ultra Enhanced perennial ryegrass is an equine safe AR1 endophyte. Ultra AR1 is a fine leaved, very densely tillered ryegrass with good persistence.


Ultra Enhanced ® perennial ryegrass is a fine leaved, very densely tillered, late heading (+20 days compared to Nui) diploid  ryegrass which combines the best traits of its parents – the high levels of pasture production available from perennial ryegrass, coupled with the feed quality attributes of meadow fescue. Ultra has strong year-round production, but with exceptional late winter, early spring growth; providing feed when it is needed most for increased livestock needs around calving and lambing.

Ultra features the AR1 endophyte, which is non staggering, which means Ultra AR1 is the preferred option for owners of equine, sheep and goat classes of livestock. Ultra AR1 confers this high level of animal safety while providing a moderate range of insect protection. Ultra AR1 does not produce lolitrem B or ergovaline, compounds known to affect animal health and performance.

Available in AR1® Endophyte

Ultra Enhanced ® Ryegrass has the following benefits:

  • An Enhanced® perennial ryegrass – the latest genetics
  • High winter, early spring growth rates – produces feed when it is needed most to meet peak livestock feed demands at this time
  • Consistently high yielding across seasons, years and regions
  • High pasture quality through its inter-species cross parentage
  • High metabolisable energy content for potentially higher livestock performance
  • Later heading (+20 days) to maintain pasture quality longer into spring
  • More ‘clean leaf area’ through high relative freedom from disease, leading to improved palatability and better ability to grow
  • Animal safety (won’t cause grass staggers or heat stress)

Variety Ultra AR1 Perennial Ryegrass
Endophyte AR1 – equine & goat safe animal endophyte
Sowing rate 25-35 kg/ha
Heading Date Very Late +20 days to Nui=0
Ploidy Diploid
Pasture life 4+ years