Halo AR37 Perennial Ryegrass

Halo AR37 is a late-heading tetraploid perennial ryegrass with very strong year-round performance and persistence. It produces a medium leaf size and increased tiller density, contributing to its summer quality and exceptional growth.


Halo AR37 was bred by combining the best tetraploid perennial genetics, the majority originating from North West Spain. At the forefront of the selection criteria, along with increased productivity, was increased disease tolerance, improved regrowth potential and reduced aftermath seed head production. This provides Halo AR37 with very strong winter growth, heat tolerance, summer production and quality, and persistence.

Halo AR37 is a very late heading tetraploid perennial ryegrass with medium leaf size and increased tiller density contributing to its summer quality and exceptional growth. The management of seed head over this period is easier due to the increased vegetative growth combined with the high quality of a tetraploid ryegrass. Halo has added protection from AR37 novel endophyte. The addition of AR37 endophyte means that farmers can maximise animal productivity* and pasture persistency with the increased protection from many pasture insects.

  • Very late heading date
  • With AR37 endophyte for persistence and pasture production advantages
  • Strong year-round growth
  • Increased tiller density


Variety Halo AR37 Perennial Ryegrass
Endophyte AR37
Sowing rate 25-35 kg/ha
Heading Date Very Late +25 days to Nui=0
Ploidy tetraploid
Pasture life 5+ years