Platform AR37 Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

Platform AR37 is a fine leaved, mid-late diploid heading (+12) perrennial ryegrass withlow aftermath heading enabling excellent pasture utilisation and quality late into the season


Platform AR37 is a new diploid perennial ryegrass which has been bred to suit a range of farming regions in southern Australia. Platform AR37 is a fine leaved, mid-late heading (+12) ryegrass with low aftermath heading enabling excellent pasture utilisation and quality late into the season. The combination of high tiller density, resilient ryegrass genetics and AR37 endophyte means PlatformAR37 displays strong persistence as well as the ability to provide excellent forage production across all seasons.

Characterised by medium tiller density with peak growth (about +12 days flowering date) between the mid season flowering types such as Rely/Excess and the later flowering Expo +12 days. Optimum performance is best achieved with rotational grazing but Platform is expected to withstand periods of set stocking.

  • Diploid perennial# ryegrass with high tiller density
  • Fine-leaved and low aftermath heading providing excellent feed quality
  • Mid-Late heading (+12 days)
  • Excellent, year round dry matter production
  • High insect tolerance from AR37 endophyte

Grazing Management

Platform perennial ryegrass will produce better under rotational grazing. Avoid hard set stocking during periods of stress (e.g. droughts, low fertility and insect attack).  Recommended for sheep, beef and dairy. Platform with AR37 endophyte is not suitable for deer.

Platform AR37
Persistence Heading dates
(days cf Nui)
Sowing Rate
Ready to graze Aftermath heading Min Rainfall
Very high + 12 15-30 55-85 days Low



“Platform was bred to be a high yielding, all round ryegrass. It’s a densely tillered type with excellent productive value. We also made an effort to adapt the grass genetics to AR37 endophyte, giving excellent resistance to most insects and pests, and good persistence as a perennial pasture.”
Tom Lyons
Breeder of Platform
PGG Wrightson Seeds NZ