Vast AR37 Perennial Ryegrass

Vast AR37 is an ultra late (+36 days heading) tetraploid perennial ryegrass ideal for southern Victorian and Tasmania farmers looking for long season feed.


Vast AR37 perennial ryegrass is an ultra late tetraploid. With an extremely late (+36 days) heading date, Vast offers the latest perennial ryegrass heading date on the market. Low seed head production after the initial seeding period, in combination with a very late flowering date, means Vast will provide high quality feed across the majority of the growing season.

Vast provides strong annual production with exceptionally strong summer and autumn production advantages. In spring calving dairy systems, production of quality late season feed is ideal for slowing the post peak decline in milk production.

Sheep and beef systems will also benefit from exceptional summer and autumn production. Vast’s feed profile is ideal for beef, lamb finishing and providing feed during ewe flushing and mating.

Key benefits of Vast AR37 Perennial Ryegrass

  • Strong annual production with exceptional summer and autumn productivity
  • Extremely late heading date (+36 days) boosting late season pasture quality
  • Diploid level tiller density to enhance persistence
  • Tetraploid grazing preference to drive animal intakes
  • Excellent rust tolerance to improve summer and autumn palatability

Variety Vast AR37 Perennial Ryegrass
Endophyte AR37
Sowing rate 25-35 kg/ha
Heading Date Ultra late +36 days to Nui=0
Ploidy Tetraploid
Pasture life 5+ years