Productive, resilient, long term pasture blends such as play an important role in healthy soils - stabilising soil structure with their diverse root systems, holding and releasing nutrients and contribute to increasing soil carbon content above and below ground.

Increasing soil organic carbon capacity on your property can be complex however we know improving the natural ecosystem with pasture diversity, not only leads to healthier pastures but has production benefits on farm too.

Over time re-sowing practices encourage pasture productivity can improve soil health, enhance decomposition of organic matter, leading to improved soil structure and carbon staying in the paddock system as pasture and roots.

Our key relationships with pasture blends and improving soil organic carbon:

  • Arm the soil with continuous living cover
  • Minimise soil disturbance
  • Increase use of perennial pastures
  • Increase plant diversity with multi specie blends. Diversity drives plant competition.
  • Increase a range of diverse root systems
  • Grazing management to ensure residual plant biomass, encouraging root growth and deeper rooting depth

Examples of our soil building blends:


Winter Multi Species Blend

  • Forage Oats
  • Diploid Annual Ryegrass
  • Forage Ryecorn
  • Winter turnip
  • Arrowleaf clover
  • Balansa Clover
  • Shaftal Clover
  • Forage Radish

Kickstart a paddock restoration program with our Winter Multi Species Blend as a cover crop a year before sowing down productive, resilient long term pasture blends.

This blend is an ideal autumn sown multi species blend featuring fast emerging grass species (Oats, Ryecorn, Annual Ryegrass) that can produce good quality feed in winter and early spring, along with large erect soft seeded clovers (Arrowleaf, Balansa, Shaftal) offering excellent winter and spring production and deeper rooted plants (Forage Radish & Leafy Turnip) to assist in breaking compaction layer in soil and relocate nutrients further down in the soil profile.


Vatbuster Notman Seeds

VATBUSTER plus Herbs

  • Perennial Ryegrass Meadow Fescue
  • Mantra White Clover
  • Reaper Red Clover
  • Chico Chicory
  • Oracle Plantain

Introducing plantain and chicory into our existing VATBUSTER and CLOVER perennial ryegrass sward increases the intake diversity of grazing animals and the greater root depth and root diversity has a positive impact on soil structure.

Arming the soil with continuous living cover,

This blend has ryegrass varieties that have been selected for enhanced persistence, and 3 endophyte profiles (Standard, AR37, NEA2) to further diversify their persistence against a wide variety of conditions.

Proven herb species, Chico Chicory and Oracle Plantain, are hardy



Long Term Multi Species Blend

  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Kainui & Aurus Cocksfoot
  • Leona Prairie Grass
  • Reaper Red Clover
  • Mantra White Clover
  • Subterranean Clover
  • Chico Chicory
  • Oracle Plantain
  • Stamina Lucerne

Our Long Term Multi Species Blend is a carefully designed multi species blend for farmers who are after searching for increased grass, legume and herb plant diversity and a balanced diet of protein, fibre, energy, and minerals.

This blend features a well-balanced, high quality legume component of sub, red and white clover for year-round performance, and grasses suited to a wide range of farming systems and soil types.

It's important during the early establishment phase and grazing pressure in the following grazing had a significant impact


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