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Pugged pasture re-sowing options

After several dry years, some farmers’ paddocks across southern Victoria have become saturated to a point that it has led to severe pasture damage and recovery will depend on a number of factors when planning what strategies you may wish to take. Pugged pasture re-sowing options Spring re-sowing can be successful when action is taken quickly. We have observed a large amount of successful spring sowing during our 30 years in the field when there is good planning, timing, seed soil contact and fertility. The spring pasture re-sowing window is short, so as soon as soils are dry enough to get machinery the re-sowing should be implemented as fast as practical. All spring-sown pasture or crop should be fertilised with […]

Christmas Celebrations

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy festive season! HOLIDAY HOURS FOR CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS Notman Pasture Seeds closes on Thursday December 24th and returns on Monday January 11th. If you are in need of assistance during the break, please leave a message on (03) 5659 2314 or call Peter on 0418 512 035 for more information visit our .

Army worm plaques

Keep an eye out in your crops & pasture for mass plagues of Army-worm throughout Gippsland! They will eat any leaf you have left! Alpha-Cypermethrin 100EC Insecticide will help you combat this plaque, targeting pests like army worm. Check . If you need further information contact our office (03) 5659 2314 or visit our Contact Page.  

2016/17 Summer Forage Guide

Download Our Spring & Summer Forage Options Guide is a comprehensive guide to your spring and summer forage options. It features Notman Pasture Seeds quality range of spring and summer cropping options and management techniques for our Top Crop blends, turnips, forage rapes, chicory, plantain, millet, maize, sorghum and inoculants. A first time try of the Pioneer® hybrid P1070 maize produced excellent yields in two different locations for dairy farmer Ian Hooker, of Loch in South Gippsland, Victoria. Mr Hooker said he’d been growing maize for 15 years although it was the first time he had planted P1070. Find out here. He said they put in 23 hectares all up with the 13 hectares off-farm producing yields of 26 dry […]