The Notman Seeds Forage Cultivar Selector Tool can be used to aide you in your decision making on the planting of pasture and cropping seeds.

The application provides information seeding dates, heading dates and required rainfall for each of the selections.

Suitability across all soil types as well a guide to the suitability for various animal classes.

There are over 200 different cultivars included in the app, including ryegrasses, cocksfoot, fescues, chicory, kale, swede, rape, turnips and many more. Check risk free serv.

Insect advice is provided for argentine stem weevil, black beetle adults, black beetle larvae, grass grubs, porina, black field crickets and others.

To use the Forage Selector Tool, simply download the install file below and install it to your computer.

Download the Notman Pasture Seeds Forage Selector Tool (Coming soon)