2022 Spring Forage Guide

Notman Pasture Seeds updated Spring Forage Guide which features a wide range of spring sown forage crop options that can grow valuable feed at key times when pastures are of low quality or quantity.

This forage guide includes various cultivars and detailed management guidelines designed to help maximise production in the paddock.

Equine Pasture Blend Guide

Our range of Equine Pasture Blends are proven performers developed to provide all classes of horses with high quality, safe grass pastures and increase paddock production.

Pasture Silage Inoculant Guide

Low cost solutions to improve home grown feed. Our range of inoculants provide fast, efficient fermentation but not all inoculants are the same. Next generation inoculants from Pioneer provide economic results for farmers.

Accelerate Gibberellic Acid

Our Accerlate 200SG Gibberellic Acid Growth Regulant is our latest edition of our management and technical notes on maximising pasture growth in winter.

Spring & Summer Forage Guide

Our Spring & Summer Forage Options Guide is a comprehensive guide to your spring and summer forage options.

It features Notman Pasture Seeds quality range of spring and summer cropping options and management techniques for our Top Crop blends, turnips, forage rapes, chicory, plantain, millet, maize, sorghum and inoculants.

Spring Newsletter

Our spring newsletter includes informative articles on many topics including:

  • Nitrogen to increase silage yield
  • Silage inoculants
  • Chicory notes
  • Turnips, Rapes & Leafy Turnips
  • Tips on growing a Maize crop
  • Crop timing and Best Bits
  • Pasture pugging: Recovery
  • Latest trial results.

Autumn Newsletter

Our autumn newsletter includes informative articles on many topics including:

  • Oversowing guidelines
  • Barley grass control
  • Pugging recovery tips
  • Ultra perennial ryegrass
  • How perennial ryegrass is performing in northern irrigation regions
  • An update on Surge Italia Ryegrass

Forage Crops for livestock

Our Forage Crops for Livestock guide provides the latest information on our crops available for forage purposes, including Chico Chicory, Marco Tetraploid Turnip and Pillar Forage Rape. The guide outlines benefits, suitability, use and performance of each variety.

Equine Blends

Our Equine Blends are proven performers designed to suit a range of environments throughout Southern Australia. Developed with persistence and pasture quality in mind, our premium range of Equine Blends are the right choice for you.

Pioneer Crop Variety Guide – Spring 2017/18

Pioneer strive to product the best products on the market, delivering high quality products highlight with helpful management information to assist customers in this Crop Variety Guide 2017/18

Pioneer Corn Growers Guide

Pioneer Corn Growers’ Guide aims to provide the essential information any farmer (including those new to corn as a crop) needs to know or understand to be a successful corn grower