These are my Quick Tips to controlling weeds in pastures this season.

  1. Winter grass such as Poa & Barley Grass – use Scanner 500 in early growth stage & pastures have been grazed.
  2. Stinging nettle and general flat weeds – use Ester 680.(if not worried about clover)(1L/ha)
  3. Cape weed and general flat weeds – use Amine 625 at 800mL-1.4L/ha.
  4. Cape weed, chick weed & marshmallow, stinging nettle – use Amine 625 (see rate above) and Pound at 45-75mL/ha. Option 3 is probably the best option to kill everything.
  5. Cape weed in new pasture – use Rygrex at 1L/ha if grass is not moisture stressed. Will only suppress chick weed.

Recommended rates are only a general guide. Please check the label for further information regarding withholding periods, compatibility, or call Adam Fisher on 0437 512 015 or (03) 5659 2314

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Adam Fisher