All pasture and forage varieties available from Notman Pasture Seeds are thoroughly trialled and tested on farms throughout Australia & New Zealand to assess their performance capability under varying farming conditions.

Notman Pasture Seeds continue to work with our main suppliers to trials and demonstrate new & existing forage products.

Forage varieties are evaluated in these trials for a number of performance- related criteria, including:

  • dry matter yield
  • seasonal performance
  • pasture quality (including metabolisable energy, digestibility, protein, NDF, etc),
  • persistence, and
  • susceptibility to plant diseases and insect pests.

Where necessary, the company undertakes animal performance trials to assess the impact of its varieties on livestock performance and health.

A key aspect of the Notman Pasture Seeds culture is the continued focus on research through replicated pasture & cropping trials and making that data relevant to the bottom line of farmers.

All trials are conducted to strict industry-designed protocols, and managed by the company’s technically skilled and experienced regional agronomists who are based throughout Australia & New Zealand.

For more information get in touch with your local team at Notman Pasture Seeds