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Quality Commitment from Notman Pasture Seeds

AsureQuality AsureQuality are the leading provider of testing, inspection, certification and verification services to the Australasian seed and grain industry. If the label on a bag of seed states that it has met the Australian Seed Certification Scheme standards, the purchaser can be sure that it has achieved exacting quality standards during growing and processing. AsureQuality provides a comprehensive range of seed testing services for Notman Pasture Seeds, including: For more information on AsureQuality visit: AgSafe Our staff are AgSafe accredited, delivering a national standard that satisfies the regulatory compliance measures as determined by the five relevant government departments in each state. Seed Blends Our premium pasture & forage crop mixes provide a selection of the best performing varieties to suit […]

Ragwort control in southern Victoria

Notman Pasture Seeds has put together a small guide on controlling Ragwort in southern Victorian pasture such as Gippsland and south-west Victoria. Ragwort growing cycle and how to identify Ragwort, if left undisturbed, follows a distinctive two-year life cycle. In the first year, after most seeds germinate during autumn, the plant forms a low cluster of leaves near the ground, known as a rosette. By the second year, it grows upright, reaching heights of up to 1.5 meters. During this phase, it features twisted dark green leaves and vibrant yellow flowers that cluster at the ends of small branches, giving it a characteristic flat-topped appearance. However, in pastures, ragwort often exceeds this two-year life span due to interactions with grazing […]

Since We Were A Century – Notman Pasture Seeds

Since We Were A Century – The Poowong Community 1974-1999 Compiled for the 125th Anniversary Celebrations of Poowong Township Notman Seeds By Peter & Elaine Notman This business specializes in supplying high quality pasture and cropping seeds along with advice regarding management. We commended our business in 1990 at the dairy farm sown Ogilvy’s Lane. This business started, like many other businesses, with a handful of clients in pre-existing small shed where the seeds was carted in and out of the shed by hand and the inoculating of clovers was done in an old bath tub. Slowly the business started to expand and the area we serviced began to expand also. In 1996 the business was shifted to Nyora Road […]

Maize Harvest 2023

Victorian Maize Growers, For maize growers we’ve put together some handful reminders around early harvest for maturity, improving silage quality by reducing spoilage, runoff & using the a good inoculant as immature crops are more susceptible to poorer aerobic stability. There are a few growers who are harvesting in the next couple of weeks, and there will be a big spread of harvesting into May. To use more energy from the fibre available we would use 11CFT inoculant which is designed to improve fibre digestibility NDF with it’s two unique strains Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus buchneri. Please download and have a read of the attached booklet below and if you need any advice please get in touch. Thanks, the team […]

Barenbrug & Notman Pasture Seeds partnership

Notman Pasture Seeds are pleased to announce a product partnership with Barenbrug Australia to bring their latest seed genetics to our customers across Australia, including the likes of 4Front NEA2, Maxsyn NEA4, Shogun NEA, Arise and much more. Barenbrug is one of Australia’s leading seed businesses specialising in research and development, with high quality cultivars across a range of seed categories. For farmers, it means Notman Pasture Seeds can access a range of new Barenbrug pasture seed products and future technologies from either Poowong or our Purnim seed warehouses. Learn more about high quality Barenbrug products below: 4front NEA2 Perennial Ryegrass Maxsyn NEA4 Perennial Ryegrass Shogun NEA Hybrid Ryegrass Samurye NEA12 Hybrid Ryegrass Arise Italian Ryegrass Fuze Annual Ryegrass For […]

Using summer forages – agronomy with Andrew Allsop

Read the latest on the use of summer forages with thoughts from Andrew Allsop, a member of our Western Victorian pasture team Spring and early summer paddock renovation provides an opportunity to establish home grown feed for summer, autumn and if intended winter forage. Spring and summer sown forage can be used for a variety of reasons, but the main reasons are to form part of your annual pasture renovation program and the other to produce valuable feed at key times when permanent pastures are of low quality and quantity. At Notman Pasture Seeds, both our Gippsland & Western Vic teams have access to a wide range of cultivars – it’s just a matter to constructing a plan that suits […]

Top Crop Millet & Rape agronomy with Jonathan Town

Read the latest on the use of ‘Top Crop Millet & Rape’ forage blend with thoughts from Jonathan Town, Notman Pasture Seeds Western District Agronomist. Summer forage crops play a critical role in delivering quality feed during a traditionally dryer time of year through the November – April period in southern Victoria, during a pasture feed-gap due to low average rainfall and higher temperatures. This is why it is important to get feed budgeting right, whether that is for the milking herd, breeder stock or prime lambs. While conserved feed is the goal, as that preserves perennial pastures allowing them to come away again each autumn, where paddock renovations are occurring, maximising feed grown and utilised during the cropping stage […]

Why grow extra maize silage this season?

For many farmers, growing some maize silage on farm makes good sense. Market prices dictate the type of bought in feed, they may have access feed out carts, feed pads, run short of maize silage when you really needed more…there’s many reasons why farmers have considered planting an extra paddock, or contracting a few more tonnes of maize silage this season. Risk management is certainly important with maize, which is particularly beneficial during challenging seasons. Could planting an extra paddock offset risk of the entire crop yield? So losses in overall yield are made up by having an extra paddock in? Here we’ve listed some reason’s why you might grow a bit more extra maize silage in 2022-23: Reduce your feed costs […]

2022 Spring Forage Guide

Notman Pasture Seeds updated Spring Forage Guide which features a wide range of spring sown forage crop options that can grow valuable feed at key times when pastures are of low quality or quantity. This forage guide includes various cultivars and detailed management guidelines designed to help maximise production in the paddock. Crops featured include Top Crop Forage Blends, Multi Specie Blends, Brassica, Turnip, Chicory, Plantain, Maize, Sorghum, Millet and more. DOWNLOAD SPRING FORAGE GUIDE PDF VIEWER

November 14, 2021 Recent News

2024 Notman Pasture Seeds Calendar

Have you captured a unique image that could feature in our 2024 ‘By farmers for farmers’ calendar? Send your high quality photos through to Notman Pasture Seeds and your photo could feature in our 2024 edition! We are after photos that represents farm life, but especially pasture, cropping, family life and everything inbetween. IMAGE REQUIREMENTS Thanks, the team at Notman Pasture Seeds SEND YOUR PHOTOS THROUGH: CLICK HERE to Email Or text message through to 0409 837 051 Remember to add your name and location, so can feature the location in the calendar

November 12, 2021 Recent News
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