Notman Pasture Seeds are pleased to announce a product partnership with Barenbrug Australia to bring their latest seed genetics to our customers across Australia, including the likes of 4Front NEA2, Maxsyn NEA4, Shogun NEA, Arise and much more. Barenbrug is one of Australia’s leading seed businesses specialising in research and development, with high quality cultivars across a range of seed categories. For farmers, it means Notman Pasture Seeds can access a range of new Barenbrug pasture seed products and future technologies from either Poowong or our Purnim seed warehouses. Learn more about high quality Barenbrug products below: 4front NEA2 Perennial Ryegrass Maxsyn NEA4 Perennial Ryegrass Shogun NEA Hybrid Ryegrass Samurye NEA12 Hybrid Ryegrass Arise Italian Ryegrass Fuze Annual Ryegrass For […]