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Ragwort control in southern Victoria

Notman Pasture Seeds has put together a small guide on controlling Ragwort in southern Victorian pasture such as Gippsland and south-west Victoria. Ragwort growing cycle and how to identify Ragwort, if left undisturbed, follows a distinctive two-year life cycle. In the first year, after most seeds germinate during autumn, the plant forms a low cluster of leaves near the ground, known as a rosette. By the second year, it grows upright, reaching heights of up to 1.5 meters. During this phase, it features twisted dark green leaves and vibrant yellow flowers that cluster at the ends of small branches, giving it a characteristic flat-topped appearance. However, in pastures, ragwort often exceeds this two-year life span due to interactions with grazing […]

Rebel Herbicide Notman Seeds

NEW REBEL low odour, non volatile 2,4-D Acid

At Notman Pasture Seeds we are excited to bring our loyal farmers REBEL Herbicide, a NEW novel safer, low odour, non volatile 24D Acid EC that can be used in place of 2,4-D Amine. We think it has it’s place in our chemical portfolio for people who are concerned about volatility, odour and herbicide efficacy – and are prepared to pay a premium for this over your standard 2,4-D. Rebel Herbicide features are: Good on hard to kill weeds Low odour compared to other 24D formulations Superior efficacy compared to Amine formulation No need to carry Ester and Amine in the shed – one drum now that can be used in either situation Compatible with Glyphosate and others Can be […]