At Notman Pasture Seeds we are excited to bring our loyal farmers REBEL Herbicide, a NEW novel safer, low odour, non volatile 24D Acid EC that can be used in place of 2,4-D Amine. We think it has it’s place in our chemical portfolio for people who are concerned about volatility, odour and herbicide efficacy – and are prepared to pay a premium for this over your standard 2,4-D.

Rebel Herbicide features are:

  • Good on hard to kill weeds
  • Low odour compared to other 24D formulations
  • Superior efficacy compared to Amine formulation
  • No need to carry Ester and Amine in the shed – one drum now that can be used in either situation
  • Compatible with Glyphosate and others
  • Can be used all year round – no restrictions on use
  • Suitable with Group G knockdown in spikes considering no Ester can be used in the chemical control areas (e.g. Mallee VIC)
  • Has the efficacy of a typical Ester but with a non-volatile formulation.

Rebel Herbicide is stocked at our Gippsland and Western District warehouses. For pick up or delivery across Australia contact our office on (03) 5659 2314.

Pack sizes include 5L, 20L and 1000L. Call for availability.

For more information visit the REBEL Herbicide webpage –