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Top Crop Millet & Rape agronomy with Jonathan Town

Read the latest on the use of ‘Top Crop Millet & Rape’ forage blend with thoughts from Jonathan Town, Notman Pasture Seeds Western District Agronomist. Summer forage crops play a critical role in delivering quality feed during a traditionally dryer time of year through the November – April period in southern Victoria, during a pasture feed-gap due to low average rainfall and higher temperatures. This is why it is important to get feed budgeting right, whether that is for the milking herd, breeder stock or prime lambs. While conserved feed is the goal, as that preserves perennial pastures allowing them to come away again each autumn, where paddock renovations are occurring, maximising feed grown and utilised during the cropping stage […]

Late maturing ryegrasses boosting production

Growing leafy, quality, late heading italian ryegrass right through the silage and hay season has become been a valuable tool for Western District farmers looking to maximise flexibility and production. Heading dates vary significantly between ryegrasses, and these should be understood to ensure the grasses mix on a farm is most appropriate to its pasture production requirements and soil characteristics. Jonathan Town of Notman Pasture Seeds in Purnim said late, and very late heading ryegrasses provide a significant advantage in late spring quality, especially pertinent in southern dairy regions. “Late heading ryegrasses provide a significant advantage in late spring & early summer quality, as they maintain leafiness for longer, go to seed head later and newer varieties tend be still […]