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Maize Harvest 2023

Victorian Maize Growers, For maize growers we’ve put together some handful reminders around early harvest for maturity, improving silage quality by reducing spoilage, runoff & using the a good inoculant as immature crops are more susceptible to poorer aerobic stability. There are a few growers who are harvesting in the next couple of weeks, and there will be a big spread of harvesting into May. To use more energy from the fibre available we would use 11CFT inoculant which is designed to improve fibre digestibility NDF with it’s two unique strains Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus buchneri. Please download and have a read of the attached booklet below and if you need any advice please get in touch. Thanks, the team […]

Why grow extra maize silage this season?

For many farmers, growing some maize silage on farm makes good sense. Market prices dictate the type of bought in feed, they may have access feed out carts, feed pads, run short of maize silage when you really needed more…there’s many reasons why farmers have considered planting an extra paddock, or contracting a few more tonnes of maize silage this season. Risk management is certainly important with maize, which is particularly beneficial during challenging seasons. Could planting an extra paddock offset risk of the entire crop yield? So losses in overall yield are made up by having an extra paddock in? Here we’ve listed some reason’s why you might grow a bit more extra maize silage in 2022-23: Reduce your feed costs […]

New maize option yields well at Loch

A first time try of the Pioneer® hybrid P1070 maize produced excellent yields in two different locations for dairy farmer Ian Hooker, of Loch in South Gippsland, Victoria. Mr Hooker said he’d been growing maize for 15 years although it was the first time he had planted P1070. He said they put in 23 hectares all up with the 13 hectares off-farm producing yields of 26 dry matter tonnes per hectare of silage. “The 10 hectares of the dairy farm was almost as good,” he said. Maize is planted as the weather warms up in November and is normally taken through harvest as silage in April. Mr Hooker said the away block was about 20 minutes from the dairy farm […]