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Maize Harvest 2023

Victorian Maize Growers, For maize growers we’ve put together some handful reminders around early harvest for maturity, improving silage quality by reducing spoilage, runoff & using the a good inoculant as immature crops are more susceptible to poorer aerobic stability. There are a few growers who are harvesting in the next couple of weeks, and there will be a big spread of harvesting into May. To use more energy from the fibre available we would use 11CFT inoculant which is designed to improve fibre digestibility NDF with it’s two unique strains Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus buchneri. Please download and have a read of the attached booklet below and if you need any advice please get in touch. Thanks, the team […]

Wet silage, get it better

With wet weather conditions around delaying silage harvest Peter Notman discusses silage tips and why it is important now more than ever to use a 1174 (bale silage) or 11G22 (pit silage) inoculants. So now really is the time to focus on how to make the best possible silage from what is available in the paddocks. With on the most part wetter crops, they’ll need more lactic acid to bring down the pH to create stable, palatable silage. The risk of soil contamination is also higher in these conditions which further increases the risk of spoiled silage. THE SILAGE DILEMMA GET YOUR SILAGE BETTER – OUR TIPS AIM FOR A CLEAR CUT RAISE THE CUTTING HEIGHT FORECAST FOR RAIN? BALE […]