Nananoic Acid (Glyphosate free)


Nananoic Acid (Glyphosate free) non-selective control of seedling and young broadleaf and grass weeds, for suppression of established weeds and perennial species and for control of Moss and Algae according to the directions for use. Nananoic Acid (Glyphosate free) is a natural contact weedkiller containing pelargonic acid (nonanoic acid).

Pelargonic acid occurs naturally in plants including geraniums. It acts on the foliage, causing it to quickly dehydrate and collapse. Results are seen as browning and wilting usually within hours of application. To be effective, Nananoic Acid (Glyphosate free) must come into contact with the green parts of the plant. Nananoic Acid (Glyphosate free) will control many weed species and is non selective.

Seedling and young annual and perennial weeds and grasses including fat hen, potato weed, stinking roger, couch grass, chickweed, lambs tongue, peppercress, capeweed, common storksbill, clover. More advanced or established weeds may only be suppressed and require repeated application.

Active Constituent: 525g/L NONANOIC ACID

Pack size: 5L, 20L

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