Dash Annual Ryegrass

Dash a fast establishing, very palatable and very high yielding tetraploid annual ryegrass with big, bold leaves and high tiller density. Dash is quick out of the ground with rapid re-growth and excellent winter growth activity.


Dash Annual Ryegass is a fast establishing, high yielding tetraploid annual ryegrass with big bold leaves. Quick out of the ground, rapid regrowth and excellent winter growth activity. Holds on well into the spring. Very palatable. Is densely tillered and very late heading (+24 days). Excellent disease resistance.


  • A specialist winter feed which is also great for high quality silage production
  • Very fast establishing
  • Very high winter growth
  • Late heading (+24 days) for carrying pasture quality longer into spring
  • Very palatable
  • Excellent disease resistance

Agronomic Information

Ploidy: Tetraploid
Heading date: +24 days relative to Nui = 0
Persistence: 8–10 months (subject to climate, insect pest pressure and management)
Endophyte forms: Nil
Where it fits: As a specialist, high quality 8 – 10 month winter feed that has the capacity to provide 3-4 feeds plus a hay / silage crop. Suited to all livestock types.
Sowing rate: 25-30kg/hectare
Sowing depth: 1-2 cm
Sowing dates: Autumn