Key time for knocking out weeds

Maximising the performance of our home grown pastures and doing the small things right can
lead to dry matter gains, improved production and better value for every dollar spent, so
Notman Pasture Seeds have prepared some simple tips to get the most out of your pastures in
late autumn and early spring.

Peter Notman of Notman Pasture Seeds said seedling weeds vigorously compete for nutrients,
moisture, light and most importantly, space.

“Early removal of these weeds allows for more rapid and even establishment resulting in an
increased amount of dry matter for your stock” Mr Notman said.

“Poor establishment of newly sown pasture results in a decrease in pasture productivity and an
increase in chemical costs from the extra weed control requirements down the track”

An important factor often overlooked is controlling weeds early. Notman Pasture Seeds Peter
Notman and Adam Fisher have been work closely with Gippsland farmers to maximise pasture

“We’re planning programmes to control all weeds in perennial pastures, as it is ultra important
to their long term productivity”.

“Having to spray big weeds, you need more robust chemistry that won’t be as clover safe and
reduces the performance of your establishing pasture. If not controlled now they will
substantially reduce the quantity and quality of spring pastures, be much more expensive and
difficult to control, and hinder fodder conservation”

“We generally select a herbicide programme appropriate to the weeds, pasture species and size,
aim to spray the weeds before they get six true leaves, don’t let them get too big and get in a
salvage situation.”

“Ideally, you need a herbicide that will not damage the newly established pasture while
providing effective weed control.”

Options for newly established pasture include Rebel, MCPA Diflufenican, Ecopar and MCPA750.

“Selective additions to your post-emergence herbicides can lead to the improvement the control
of certain broadleaf weeds including marshmallow & chickweed.”

“These include carfentrazone, flumetsulam, pyraflufen-ethyl or Haloxyfop”

For any agronomy advice get in touch with the Notman Pasture Seeds team on (03) 5659 2314