Seed treatment is an effective way to protect emerging seedlings against pests, with options available for:

  • Red-legged earth mite
  • Blue oat mites
  • African black beetles
  • Aphids
  • Cutworms
  • Wireworms and
  • Lucerne flea.

Why use seed treatment?

If you’ve encountered pasture loss in the past due to insect pressure, seed treatment is a worthy consideration. By protecting seedlings against key insects, seed treatment products help maximise plant establishment and early plant development when young seedlings are most vulnerable to pest pressure. 

Reducing the impact on the soil environment

The active ingredient only covers the surface of each seed so that it is always located right where it is needed. The result is a reduction in the amount of chemical needed to protect the crop in the early growth stages.

Benefits of seed treatment

  • Targeted protection – protects against pests and diseases at the establishment phase
  • Integrated pest management – Can co-exists with existing spraying crop protection methods
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • User friendly – allows more flexibility when weather conditions make it difficult to spray

Alternative to seed treatments?

  • Residual & contact insecticide – sprays to provide protection. Often cheaper than seed protection, however need to juggle spraying time and conditions.

Poncho Plus vs Gaucho comparison

ProductGauchoPoncho Plus
DescriptionAssists in maximising seedling establishment and plant development by protecting seedlings against red legged earthmite and blue oat mite in ryegrass pasture. Gaucho is not harmful to beneficial insects such as earthworms.Poncho® Plus will protect emerging seedlings from mite damage for 3-4 weeks after sowing. Monitoring should commence within this period to determine the need for supplementary control measures.

Poncho® Plus will not control heavy populations of yellowheaded pasture cockchafers or African Black Beetle. Suppression only of lucerne flea
Approx price per kg$1.00 per kg plus GST$1.50 per kg plus GST
Pests protection againstRed-legged earth mite
Blue oat mites
Red-legged earth mite
Blue oat mites
African black beetles
Wireworms and
Lucerne flea (suppression only)
Red legged earthmite