Notman Pasture Seeds, in collaboration with Cropmark Seeds, proudly unveils Rampage, a brand new short-term ryegrass tailored specifically for Gippsland farmers

After five years of meticulous development and rigorous dryland trials at Ellinbank, as well as extensive evaluations in New Zealand, Rampage emerges as the epitome of excellence all round production including its exceptional ability to maintain leafy, high growth well into late spring and early summer, presenting farmers with an extended period of lush growth and continue quality production.

“Rampage is the culmination of our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of Gippsland farmers seeking superior homegrown feed for longer into the spring and summer” remarked Peter Notman of Notman Pasture Seeds.

“We believe Rampage is the all round package suiting a range of Gippsland farmers chasing home grown winter and spring feed, plus the extra late in the growing season”

The comprehensive trials at Ellinbank unequivocally demonstrated Rampage’s superiority over nine other annual ryegrasses, consistently outperforming in total feed consumption across the trials in five various years.

The hallmark of Rampage lies in its remarkable attributes: rapid establishment, robust winter growth, and sustained leafy production late. Peter Notman and his team meticulously monitored Rampage’s performance, conducting regular farm visits from April to December and growth season assessments to ensure its alignment with modern commercial farming standards.

“We visited the trials every 6-8 weeks through the year to check out which new annual ryegrass we should pick, so we kept an eye out for what was good compared to what we saw on the market today” remarked Mr Notman.

“The trial data showed Rampage had strong winter and spring production and rapid re-growth potential after each grazing. And that’s why we decided to go with it”.

Following its successful trial phase, Rampage made its debut among selected farmers across Victoria in 2023, earning praise for its performance in regions such as Lang Lang, Trafalgar, Toora, Yarram, and Denison. As it prepares to hit the shelves this autumn, Rampage promises to revolutionize ryegrass cultivation.

Like all new pasture establishing, Notman Pasture Seeds recommends very good soil preparation.

“Aim to create a firm yet fine-textured seedbed, ensuring uniform seed germination and contact with the soil” Mr Notman recommends.

“By achieving a non-clumpy uniform seedbed, farmers provide the ideal environment for seeds to establish strong root systems and promote robust growth during the crucial autumn and early winter period.”

For those eager to learn more about Rampage and its production potential, Notman Pasture Seeds welcomes inquiries and invites farmers to explore the range of grasses available for short and long term feed.

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