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Accelerate Gibberellic Acid – Frequently Asked Question

ACCELERATE – INCREASING WINTER GROWTH Accelerate Growth Regulant is a naturally occurring plant hormone that has been maximising pasture growth during the cooler months to deliver quality feed quantity during periods of reduced winter pasture production. By increasing the natural level of gibberellins contained in plants, Accelerate stimulates growth though cell expansion resulting in stem and lead elongation. Applications deliver accelerated growth creating significant gains in dry matter yield for up to 3 to 4 weeks provided adequate moisture and nutrition is available. BENEFITS OF ACCELERATE When should I first apply Accelerate?Gibberellic Acid will provide a benefit when the pasture production appears to be slowing due to falling temperatures. This can be as early as late April. Timing will depend on our […]

Rampaging Ryegrass: Introducing annual ryegrass Rampage

Notman Pasture Seeds, in collaboration with Cropmark Seeds, proudly unveils Rampage, a brand new short-term ryegrass tailored specifically for Gippsland farmers After five years of meticulous development and rigorous dryland trials at Ellinbank, as well as extensive evaluations in New Zealand, Rampage emerges as the epitome of excellence all round production including its exceptional ability to maintain leafy, high growth well into late spring and early summer, presenting farmers with an extended period of lush growth and continue quality production. “Rampage is the culmination of our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of Gippsland farmers seeking superior homegrown feed for longer into the spring and summer” remarked Peter Notman of Notman Pasture Seeds. “We believe Rampage is the all round […]

Growing demand for Bullet ryegrass for fast winter-feed

With a particularly dry summer and autumn for farming in Southern Victoria creating a reduction in feed options over the coming months, farmers have increasingly been looking at cheaper and quicker home grown feed options. In many cases, it has become evident heavily grazed paddocks haven’t bounced back so there has been a focus on boosting home grown feed supplies before soil temperatures cool down and growth rates slow. The introduction of fast growing annual ryegrasses is a key component of many pasture programs especially whenever there is a need to bump-up production levels to crease extra supplies. Key features are their speed of establishment, high growth rates over autumn, winter and late into spring, coupled with high pasture quality […]