Ascend Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Ascend Annual Ryegrass, bred by DLF Seeds, is a tetraploid annual ryegrass with exceptional seeding vigour and grows late into the season.



Ascend Annual Ryegrass was selected by plant DLF breeders for its exceptional seedling vigour and ability to provide valuable forage from early winter through until late in the growing season. With improved rust tolerance, Ascend maintains high leaf quality enabling excellent pasture utilisation as well as silage and hay quality during the spring and summer months.

  • Exceptional seedling vigour
  • Improved early winter production
  • High rust tolerance
  • Maintains quality late into the season
  • Offers real flexibility

Variety Ascend Annual Ryegrass
Species Annual Ryegrass
Ploidy Tetraploid
Sowing rate 25-40 kg/ha
Sowing rate (mix) 20-25kg/ha with legume component
Heading Date Mid +9 days to Nui=0
Winter activity Very high
Minimum rainfall 500mm