Hogan Annual Ryegrass


Hogan Annual Ryegrass is Barenbrug’s high-performance late maturing annual ryegrass, designed for farmers looking for bigger pasture yields and superior late season quality. Hogan is suitable for grazing, hay or silage, and has demonstrated over multiple years and sites, unmatched performance with production going into early summer.

Key features

  • Very late maturing tetraploid  annual ryegrass
  • Excellent establishment yield
  • Late season quality and re-growth
  • Superior total forage yield in high rainfall areas (> 650mm/yr.)

Key benefits

  • The late season improved quality  (late maturity x ploidy) results in superior silage quality, milk production or liveweight gain  when compared to other annual ryegrass varieties.
  • Holds quality for longer, allowing later silage/hay cutting, when more favourable weather is prevalent.
  • Late season growth potential means Hogan provides the ability to maximise production in high rainfall areas and provide significant growth into summer.
  • Excellent establishment yield, results in quick early feed after sowing taking pressure off other areas of the farm & reduces supplementary feed requirements.
  • The increased total yield potential of Hogan provides greater livestock performance and profitability.


Variety Hogan Annual Ryegrass
Endophyte Nil
Sowing rate 25-40 kg/ha
Heading Date Late heading, +16 days to Nui=0
Ploidy Tetraploid annual