We’ve put together a selection of our Top Crop & Multi Specie Pasture blends that have a proven track record in providing diverse feed options for summer and early autumn:

  • Top Crop Brassica & Herbs
  • Top Crop Millet & Brassica
  • Top Crop Millet & Rape
  • Summer Multi Species Pasture Blend

Top Crop Brassica & Herbs

High quality summer forage

A extremely high quality, easy to manage blend of Chicory, Plantain, White Clover, Leafy Brassica & Forage Rape. Top Crop Brassica & Herbs is an excellent way to increase pasture quality through to early Autumn when you can potential drill perennial grasses back in.
This blend combines herbs and clovers with a brassica crop, allowing the brassica to act as a cover crop as the other species establish.

Sowing Date (southern VIC): Early October to mid November
Ready to Graze: 50-70 days
Sowing Rate: 8 kg/ha
Potential Grazing’s: Multiple

Top Crop Millet & Brassica

Balanced mix of fibre & protein

Top Crop Millet & Brassica blend offers a balanced mix of fibre and protein with good yield potential in both mild and hot summers. This multi graze blend features fast establishing Pillar Forage Rape, Titan Forage Rape, Pasja II Leafy Brassica and Shirohie Millet. Suitable for all stock classes, Top Crop Millet & Brassica has strong re-growth potential and plant persistence after multi grazing’s provided some moisture is available.

Sowing Date (southern VIC): November-mid December
Ready to Graze: 50-70 days
Sowing Rate: 12-20 kg/ha
Potential Grazing’s: Multiple

Summer Multi Species Blend

Summer diversity combined with production

Our Summer Forage Multi Species Blend is designed to optimise the paddock ecosystem by ensuring ratios of all the cultivars in this blend are designed to ensure all species are well represented. The blend is focuses on maximising the function of each species, providing a diverse range of plants for animals to chose from over the warmer months, rather than maximising outright dry matter production. They have a range of different root systems, includes, legume species, flowering plants and species that will add organic matter to the soil surface and in the soil as root mass if used for cover crop.

This blend features a unique mix of Forage millet, Forage sorghum, Pillar forage rape, Titan forage rape, Pasja II leafy turnip, Chico chicory, Oracle plantain, Mantra large leaf white clover, Reaper red clover and Forage radish.

You may customise this mix (add/subtract cultivars) based on your forage requirements.

Sowing Date (southern VIC): November
Ready to Graze: 65-85 days
Sowing Rate: 18 kg/ha
Potential Grazings: Multiple

Top Crop Millet & Rape

Reliable feed that can handle dry conditions

Similar to Top Crop Millet & Rape, this blend offers a mixed balanced diet combined with better summer hardiness. The blend offers flexibility with very good yield potentials with Pillar & Titan Forage Rapes in cooler conditions & Millet in hotter, dryer conditions. 

Sowing Date (southern VIC): November-mid December
Ready to Graze: 50-70 days
Sowing Rate: 12-20 kg/ha
Potential Grazings: Multiple


Use your past paddock history

Take into consideration your past paddock history &/or spring sowing success including the usual timing, performance of new sown paddocks, soil fertility and soil moisture availability when considering to sow new pastures. Each environment is unique so for further advice speak to our team.

Minimise cultivation

Free draining soils work well with drilling and heavy soils generally worked ground. Excellent seedbed condition is a vital factor for optimum germination (i.e. fine, firm, good seed/soil contact). Minimise cultivation, especially on lighter soils, as retaining soil moisture is important.

Weed control

Problematic weedy paddocks can present issues with blends of different species as there are limited or no herbicide options.

Is this situation it’s all about the knockdown and subsequent quick establishment of the plants. For quick Glyphosate knockdown use a burner like herbicide such as Rage 400 to decimate weeds quicker.