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Spring into action with our Top Crop & Multi Specie Blends

We’ve put together a selection of our Top Crop & Multi Specie Pasture blends that have a proven track record in providing diverse feed options for summer and early autumn: Top Crop Brassica & Herbs Top Crop Millet & Brassica Top Crop Millet & Rape Summer Multi Species Pasture Blend Top Crop Brassica & Herbs High quality summer forage A extremely high quality, easy to manage blend of Chicory, Plantain, White Clover, Leafy Brassica & Forage Rape. Top Crop Brassica & Herbs is an excellent way to increase pasture quality through to early Autumn when you can potential drill perennial grasses back in.This blend combines herbs and clovers with a brassica crop, allowing the brassica to act as a cover […]

Why grow Multi Specie Pasture Blends?

Why grow Multi Specie Pasture Blends? Improve soil and root structure Improve pasture persistence Use water and nutrients more efficiently Interrupt pest and disease life cycles Prevent soil erosion. Improve moisture holding capacity Increase nitrogen with introduction of legume Prepare soil/paddock for following crop High quality forage for livestock Increase production, healthier stock, faster weight gains Managing Multi Specie Pasture Blends Start on small areas and work out which varieties prosper on your property. Observe the results and then make adjustments as necessary. It’s important that with multi specie blends that contain broadleaf species (such as chicory, plantain) that we do not apply any post emergent herbicides such as 2,4D Amine or MCPA. This will suppress or kill they species […]

Forage diversity with multi specie blends

Benefits of multi specie pasture swards are not a new occurrence, however there’s renewed interest in what diverse swards can offer modern production systems. Well-designed multi species pastures will have a diversity that can increase overall yield, diet composition and reduces the risks of a range of environmental challenges. On the flip side there are things to be aware of when grazing alternative crops such as optimising establishment, limited weed control and animal health issues such as high levels of nitrate in brassicas. Peter Notman, dairy farmer and forage specialist at Notman Pasture Seeds in Poowong says some producers add different varieties of seed to their standard winter and summer pasture stands to provide more forage diversity and drought hardiness. […]