Diagnosis of pasture damage by symptoms. For agronomy advice get in touch with Notman Pasture Seeds.

Thinning, especially of clover, leading to bare patches; and low heaps of soil thrown up on surface

  • Blackheaded pasture cockchafers

Unthriftiness of pasture, sometimes with sward uprooted by birds and stock.

  • Redheaded pasture cockchafer and other root–feeding cockchafers.

Clover leaves with speckled appearance of green tissue removed from both surfaces leaving leaf skeletonising.

  • Lucerne Flea

Clover leaves showing a blotchy silvery discolouration.

  • Redlegged earth mite (esp. light soils in coastal areas)

Leaf chewing of clover and grasses; stems of grasses severed below seed head.

  • Southern armyworm

Selective loss of clovers and flatweeds, often followed by a loss of grass in autumn 

  • Wingless grasshopper (abundant mainly on light soils)

Poor germination of annual–type pastures or new pastures in autumn; loss of pasture adjacent to cracks in heavier soils.

  • Black field cricket