Diagnosis of pasture damage by symptoms. For agronomy advice get in touch with Notman Pasture Seeds. Thinning, especially of clover, leading to bare patches; and low heaps of soil thrown up on surface Blackheaded pasture cockchafers Unthriftiness of pasture, sometimes with sward uprooted by birds and stock. Redheaded pasture cockchafer and other root–feeding cockchafers. Clover leaves with speckled appearance of green tissue removed from both surfaces leaving leaf skeletonising. Lucerne Flea Clover leaves showing a blotchy silvery discolouration. Redlegged earth mite (esp. light soils in coastal areas) Leaf chewing of clover and grasses; stems of grasses severed below seed head. Southern armyworm Selective loss of clovers and flatweeds, often followed by a loss of grass in autumn  Wingless grasshopper (abundant mainly on […]