Tetila Annual Ryegrass

Tetila Annual Ryegrass is a specialist winter crop that has rapid establishment, reliable winter growth and excellent annual performance.


Tetila Annual Ryegrass is traditional strictly annual ryegrass with good growth over late autumn, winter and early spring, particularly when it is planted early. The popular grass Tetila is best suited as a reliable specialist winter crop with good yield all winter and into early spring.

Tetila in a mix: Tetila annual ryegrass can be sown with Shaftal Persian Clover or Balansa Clover to improve it’s forage quality.

  • Rapid establishment when planted early and fast growing
  • Annual by nature
  • Suitable for grazing and strong winter growth
  • Exceptional Feed quality making Tetila one of the highly sourced products in farming systems
  • Excellent annual performance

Variety Tetila Annual Ryegrass
Ploidy Tetraploid
Sowing rate 25-40 kg/ha
Sowing rate (mix) 20-25kg/ha with legume component
Sowing depth 5-10mm maximum
Heading Date – 7 days compared with Nui
Winter activity Very high
Unit sizes 25kg, 1000kg bulk bag
Minimum rainfall 500 mm p.a