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Grass Endophyte Explained

Endophyte in grass play an important role in resisting insect attack in pasture but there is a price to pay in ryegrass staggers and reduced animal performance. Seed breeders develop “novel endophytes” that protect the grass against a greater range of insect pests, with no negative impacts on ruminant health or performance. Grass plants may contain an internally growing fungus called endophyte. Different strains of endophyte are available in many of the grass cultivars. Standard Endophyte An option where price is crucial and high animal production is not a major issue. Stock grazing these pastures can often suffer from ryegrass staggers and experience reduced weight gains throughout the warmer months. The Standard strain (SE) implies that the cultivar contains a wild […]

Army worm plaques

Keep an eye out in your crops & pasture for mass plagues of Army-worm throughout Gippsland! They will eat any leaf you have left! Alpha-Cypermethrin 100EC Insecticide will help you combat this plaque, targeting pests like army worm. If you need further information contact our office (03) 5659 2314 or visit our Contact Page.