Forage Brassicas - Our Top Selections

Turnips - Tankard & Globe Type

High quality feed with good leaf to bulb ratio

Tankard type summer turnips are popular as a milking feed due to the exceptionally high yield potential from a single graze. They also have good leaf to bulb ratio which means high quality feed that offers good utilisation, reduced wastage & ease of harvesting.

Leafy Turnips

Multi-graze turnips

These are generally a multi-graze option with a very low ripening period. Leafy turnips offer quick spring, summer and autumn feed with the potential of providing up to 3-4 grazing’s. They are more prone to stress during summer than forage rapes as they have a less prominent tap root.

Forage Rape

Leafy, high quality feed with multi-graze opportunity

Forage rapes provide leafy, high quality feed which require a longer maturity time than hybrid leafy turnips. Forage rapes generally grow more dry matter from each grazing than leafy turnips and offer multiple grazing opportunities if moisture is available and the rapes are given the chance to re-grow

Forage Brassica Overview

Forage brassica crops are an ideal complementary feed, especially when grass quality and quantity declines. Brassicas—highly digestible and low in fibre—play an important summer crop role in pasture renewal by providing high value feed and high yield during summer when you need it most.

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Key benefits

  • Fast establishing home-grown feed & good animal performance
  • High dry matter yields & feed at key times when pasture low
  • High regrowth potential & multi-graze options
  • Improve soil structure & fertility
  • Control weeds
  • Efficient use of irrigation water