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Newer genetics growing more winter feed.

For farmers looking at ways to address feed deficits, the utilisation of newer plant genetics and diverse species has become increasingly significant during this final Autumn planting period.

Step by step pasture renovation

With home grown feed more important than ever Notman Pasture Seeds have prepared a range of pasture planning recommendations to optimise the establishment of ryegrass pastures this season. Peter Notman, owner of Notman Pasture Seeds and Walcha Dairy, said there are key dynamics to maximising the establishment ryegrass pastures. ‘It’s important being organised throughout the whole process, including paddock preparation, germination, weed control and through to the first grazing’  ‘Optimise paddock potential prior to sowing by reducing unwanted trash and summer grasses such as barley grass and maximising germination of weeds’ ‘A fine, firm clean seedbed and spraying out germinating weeds with a knockdown herbicides & a spike so you are ready to plant into clean paddocks. Under all cultivation […]