Forage Herb Selections


Valuable summer & autumn feed

Chicory is a summer active, highly palatable perennial herb used on its own as a specialist high energy pasture or used valuable addition to most pasture seed mixes. It has broad leaves and a long thick tap-root with an exposed crown. The crown regenerates shoots which in turn develop their own roots. When used in finishing mixtures, chicory should be sown with a suitable legume such as red and white clovers.


Exceptional animal production

Plantain is a palatable, mineral rich perennial herb with a deep fibrous root system enabling good heat and drought tolerance and which is generally recommended for use in lower fertility dryland pasture mixes.


Chico Chicory

Rocket fuel for livestock performance

A high yielding, very high quality and leafy chicory showing fast establishment, rapid re-growth, strong insect resistance and good drought tolerance.

Oracle Plantain

Driving productivity

Oracle is late heading, broad leafed plantain bred for high forage yields under grazing. Has very strong year-round growth, especially over the late spring, summer and autumn months. Has deep fibrous roots enabling good heat and drought tolerance.

Forage Herbs Overview

Forage herbs are generally used as an additive to pasture mixes, but may be used to provide specialised summer-autumn finishing feeds in mixtures with clovers or grasses.

They are generally deeper rooted and heat tolerant and can provide high quality beneficial feed to the grazing animal.

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Key benefits

  • Highly palatable forages
  • High quality feed through summer
  • Recover quickly after grazing
  • Quick to establish